Today at work my friend was complaining (and complaining) that her baby had constipation and she had been sooooooo anxious about it that she couldn’t sleep at night for weeks and life had been terrible.  Then she discovered Miralax and life was good again.

I never found it interesting to hear these stories before I came a mom.  Maybe it was because I didn’t marry until 33 or have a baby until 34, and because I spent my twenties on the outside of motherhood looking in–but I still don’t find that stuff interesting.  I don’t feel much kinship with the “mommies” at work, or anywhere else.

Part of that may be that my dad is so ill, I’m somewhat older than most of these women (who are all on their second or third child) and nobody else I know right now has a similar set of problems to me.

I just got a message saying I’ve nearly run through my cell minutes for the month, with two weeks to go.  I need my cell to communicate because this is a crisis situation.  Boy, when it rains, it pours.


Cancer strikes again: My dad, and primary CNS lymphoma

The last few weeks have been a nightmare.  My father was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer called primary CNS lymphoma.  I have not wanted to post much.  I have not had the energy to.

I thought my mom’s colorectal cancer was bad.  This is much worse.  Mom never lost her cognitive ability or her ability to walk.  A few days or weeks delay in treatment did not matter too much.  And my dad, when he was helping care for her, was healthy.  I did not have a small baby then.

Life, please stop pounding on us.  Please.