— my baby’s first ripoff!!!

On our second day in the hospital postpartum, when we were bleary and sleep-deprived, amidst the parade of nurses and hospital staff a lady came by asking “would you like the  photographer to come by?”

Well of course.  Why wouldn’t we?  It’d be great to have photos to share with the family when we got home; one fewer thing to worry about.

The photographer was very sweet–she set up her laptop and camera, took some photos of the baby and of us, and then edited the photos into a pretty little slide show which she showed us on her laptop.

And then…

…we found out she wasn’t from the hospital, but from a company called “” and that the photos were not actually a nice hospital service…if we wanted them, we could go online and purchase them for hundreds of dollars.  Not only that, they wouldn’t be available immediately.  You can’t even get the digital photos of your baby without buying a physical CD which costs $13 just in shipping and handling and takes days or weeks to arrive.

For comparison, I’ve paid less for entire photo shoots, where I got hundreds of photos that were available digitally, and the photographer was a trained professional with great equipment and came to the site specially for me.  And I knew the terms and cost ahead of time.

So baby has now seen her very first scam.  Yay!

Maybe it’s my postpartum hormones, but what incredible leeches this company must be, to take advantage of new moms in the hospital.  I am not sure why the hospital lets them in, and I’m sure somebody somewhere (probably not the photographer) is making a lot of money off the deal.


10 thoughts on “ — my baby’s first ripoff!!!

  1. Mom365 photographer. January 16, 2015 / 3:59 am

    I am SO sorry you feel you got scammed. I am a long time photographer with this company. Allow me to assure you. Scamming you out of your money is not my reason for working for this company which I have grown to love.
    I have not and don’t expect to get rich. In fact most of us don’t do this for the money. To be quite frank. We only get paid minimum wage or a very small commission. @20% We are passionate about giving you and your baby your first wonderful memory.
    I drive 33 miles one way to come to my hospital. It gets quite hard and expensive at times. But like you and most people in this world we all have a job to do.
    Some folks work at a drive up window risking rude customers throwing food and insults at them. I feel for them.
    This job is the most wonderful job. When my son was born. They took one horrible picture and sent me the very expensive bill.
    Today we offer you a professional studio experience with the most up to date equipment. Currently the Nikon3200 with external flash. Not a cheap camera. Best of all. Your baby is in a secure safe environment. Not at the photo studio being exposed to germs from others and in some cases. Their pets.
    Best of all. The work is all done for you right there.
    Having a baby can be quite overwhelming.
    This is one last thing on your list.
    As for the packages. No purchase is ever required, since you may share them online for FREE with all your friends and families all over the world. There are smaller packages and keepsakes for much less. And some packages offer free shipping. There are no sitting fees either.
    The shipping is 7 to 10 business days unless the P.O. goes on strike.
    It sounds like you liked the photographer and your experience up until the cost.
    Sticker shock maybe.
    You are welcome to visit the website to look at some packages and prices there. But the cost is less when ordering from the hospital.
    I am sorry that you see us as leeches and scammers. That was not our intention.
    I am just a mom who wants to give you better photos than we got with our babies.
    I hope this info helps. And maybe you could give us another “shot”.

    • sunrainlilies January 16, 2015 / 3:30 pm

      Thanks for the opinion; your comments are helpful. I actually really appreciate hearing from someone who does this.

      We are in our mid-30s and are fortunate to be established in our careers; I don’t care about a few hundred dollars one way or the other. I’d probably have happily bought the package if I understood ahead of time that the photographer was not a hospital employee, and that this was not a hospital service. It was very confusing as the hospital did offer one photo for free.

      The problem was (if I remember, a year later) that the photographer did not identify herself as not being a hospital employee, or state before taking the photos what the charges would be. I later found that immediately postpartum, I had signed (as one of ten or twenty other medical forms) a form that had some disclaimer that said basically “Mom365 is not affiliated with the hospital and might charge.” That was it…the signing happened two days before the photographer came by. I was not in a state to read any forms and I had blindly signed whatever they gave me, because I had just given birth, was in pain, frightened, bleeding, and needed medical care.

      An honest photographer would have come in, said “Hi! I’m from a company called Mom365. Here’s the price sheet for our photo packages. One photo is free–the rest you have to pay for. Would you like me to take a few photos?”

      I’d have bought the photos anyway, just wouldn’t have felt so taken advantage of.

      Anyway, hopefully hearing my experience helps you interact with future clients in a way that makes them feel positive about the experience. You sound like a nice person, and I’m sure you treat new moms well. Thank you for adding to my data points on Mom365.

    • Stev Palmer October 26, 2016 / 6:57 pm

      This is an abuse of power. Confused parents are led to believe the salesperson is part of the hospital. Even if you don’t want their product, they take your personal information. I will be contacting the authorities about this matter.

      • sunrainlilies October 28, 2016 / 2:52 pm

        It was pretty unpleasant. With my second birth everything was more up front, maybe because there was another photography company.

    • Kim March 30, 2017 / 5:16 pm

      What kind of external flash is being used?

      • sunrainlilies March 30, 2017 / 5:57 pm

        I don’t remember–my daughter is three now. 🙂 Is there a reason that you were wondering?

  2. sunrainlilies July 22, 2015 / 6:52 am

    Update: I just gave birth again, same hospital. Mom365 has been replaced by another company. The photographer was professional and handed me a price sheet up front, which also stated how long photos would take to arrive. I was impressed enough that I would have used this company, but anyway I was discharged early the next day and that was the end of that. We’ll get professional photos done privately later.

  3. sara July 6, 2016 / 6:37 pm

    it is a rip off.. the slide show is useless- can not upload on social media..and there is no way to convert the file to something compatible for uploading.. just buy the digital photos if you go his route…

    • sunrainlilies July 7, 2016 / 2:17 pm

      Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience too. 😦 Congratulations on your baby!

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