One month on

My father passed a month ago. For now at least, I don’t really want to talk about it any more. I will instead just say that I was not prepared, despite seven months of hell. And I will talk about the constructive things I have done since his passing.

I have focused on work again and begun a new project.

I have begun writing a novel.

But the top priority is this, which I haven’t started working on yet: I need to regain my physical health. I have been sick with colds almost constantly for the last three months. I have not exercised in almost a year due to pregnancy, the baby, and my dad’s illness. I am tired and out of shape. I feel almost like I destroyed myself in solidarity with my dad. Well it didn’t help either of us.

Now I have to pick up the pieces. The best way to honor the deceased is by living.


Top 10 Lit Mags to Send Your Very Best Poetry (and get happily rejected)

Fantastic list of some of the top lit mags. Includes sample poems from each.



The following list represents the varsity squad of the indie-competitive, not affiliated with a university, hipster poetry scene. This top ten balances competitive and COOL, really cool, on its forefinger and makes it spin. If you can get into these, you’ve got your cool poet shades on, “hangin’ round the water fountain, playin’ the fool,” as sung by Randy Newman-esque Vince Guaraldi. Can you hear it? Can you dig it? < that is the sound of finger snapping >

Sixth Finch (0.66 % Duotrope-acceptance rate; 29 avg. days per acceptance) “We take pride in bringing your poems to a wide audience, and your work will become a part of our permanent archives, so please be sure to send us your best.” The poetry is a crisp autumn apple, a late-night walk through misting rain, a swift combat boot to the face. The gamut marches towards you in the opening lines…

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