My first anniversary, and the elusive lobster

Today is the first anniversary of my civil wedding (the traditional one was a little later.)  My civil wedding was such a wonderful day–my mom had not been diagnosed yet, it was just my parents, my fiance, and me, and I was all full of butterflies and scared and excited at the same time.  We had just finished purchasing a house, and life was finally falling together for me.

And actually it’s been pretty wonderful since, except for my mom being ill.  If only…but as a wise woman once counseled, I can waste our days saying “why us,” or I can live my life.

Anyway, we are going to Red Lobster tonight.  When I was little, there used to be a Red Lobster near our house.  My parents had no money though and my mom always had trouble with digestion and could never eat out.  Every night we would see the commercials on the evening news, on our snowy black and white TV, and my mom would say “one day, let’s go to Red Lobster!”

I think I had never actually been in a real restaurant before.

Anyway it was one of those things we put off and put off and never went, until the Red Lobster near us eventually closed, replaced by a huge Staples.

When I left for college, I ate in dining halls pretty much every night, and eating out became routine.  Somehow I forgot about Red Lobster.

Tonight out of nowhere my husband suggested it.  So I’m going to go do what my family never got around to doing, and my husband and I, and baby inside me, are going out for what I hope is a great meal.