I failed…

…my one hour glucose tolerance test.  I scored 152 (passing at my doctor’s is 135, some people say 140–but anyway people have results like 70 or 80, so 152 does not seem good).  For breakfast I think I had two hard boiled eggs and a glass of milk, and maybe a bite of sandwich.  But I ate it as I went out the door, so probably within an hour of the test.  I wonder if that might have screwed up the results.

But during my last pregnancy I passed with 120, even after eating breakfast.

I have to go for the three hour tomorrow.  I was afraid of that.  Some of my friends who had it said it was really difficult and unpleasant.  (Heh, but less than eight months ago, I watched my dad die of brain cancer, and I survived.  I really shouldn’t be scared of a bad day.)  I will have my blood work at the same lab where we had to take him, using a wheelchair.  It is also the building where my mom’s oncologist was.

Some days, I really just want to move.

Regarding diet and exercise, I’ve been as careful as I know how since my last doctor appointment on April 13th where the doctor berated me for my weight gain.  But before my May appointment, I put four pounds on anyway. :/   I don’t know how they can tell me that.  When I weigh myself (on a digital scale) my weight can go up and down by four pounds in a single day.

I did have a HA1C test earlier in pregnancy which is supposed to be related to your average blood sugar over the previous three months; that one came out normal.

My last pregnancy was problem-free.  This one seems to be having a lot more hiccups.  I will be really, immeasurably relieved when this stage of my life is done.


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