25 weeks

The third trimester is approaching.  I am not feeling terribly bad yet…still able to sleep, no nasal congestion like last time.  However, I do weigh more.  I have been really careful about my diet since seeing the doctor and also making extra efforts to be active.  I haven’t had any food I actually like in about three weeks, except a couple of dark chocolate chips.  And I’ve been walking an extra 30 minutes most days.

I did not feel energetic in the second trimester, and have remained lethargic and fatigued throughout pregnancy.  I notice that I am starting to become more forgetful too.

I don’t think we are going to have any more kids after this, not because I wouldn’t love a big family, but because I am too tired to handle more, and I am also getting older.  I don’t really feel sad or terribly wistful that this is the last one.  I had doubts about my fertility and I married very late and I wasn’t sure I’d ever even get to have two, so the second feels kind of like a bonus.  Also, I don’t like pregnancy and being tired all the time.

We will be meeting with a doula this weekend.

As far as coping with grief, I am wading through it slowly.  It really helps that both babies are keeping me busy.


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