19w OB appointment

I don’t think the OB had reviewed my charts, as the last time I’d been in it was for an emergency ultrasound due to bleeding.  I asked him why I had been bleeding at 15 weeks (I’d gone in the next day for an emergency scan, but I’d just seen the sonographer–he reviewed the images but said he didn’t need to see me).

“Well,” he said, “I’m going to be honest; it probably wasn’t nothing.  It could be implantation bleeding, or it could be subchorionic or cervical.  We don’t really care what things are–we mostly care whether they are a threat to the baby or not.  And since the ultrasound last week was fine, then whatever it was, it’s not a threat to the baby.”

I don’t really like that.  I’d like to understand what happened.

In happier news, this is the last month of three that my husband is on a horrible rotation.  There will be a three month respite of easy ones now.  It has been very, very hard to care for a toddler alone, to do my job, and to care for myself–especially just having lost my dad a few months ago.  I am really tired.


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