2nd Prenatal Visit

I had my second prenatal doctor’s appointment.  The first visit was quite difficult (blood draw, Pap and internal exam, transvaginal ultrasound, referral to a maternal-fetal medicine practice for a first-trimester screen).  The MFM visit was pretty rough too–genetic counseling, a lot of blood taken for cell-free DNA testing, and as usual trouble finding a vein (interestingly, the phlebotomist was a former L&D nurse), and then an ultrasound that didn’t go so well because I was dehydrated.  The water there tasted like metal and I felt nauseous drinking it.

This visit was barely five minutes.  It was the first one I’d gone to alone.  The doctor began by asking me if I was feeling more human, which surprisingly, I am.  I had a bad cold and sinus infection but the OB told me to just ride it out.  He just listened with a fetal monitor and they took weight and blood pressure, and that was all.  I’m supposed to make an appointment for the anatomy ultrasound at 18 weeks, and another OB appointment at 19 weeks.


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