My second day sugar-free

I don’t know what I think of Whole30, but I skipped all sweets yesterday. I’m going to skip them today too. It is really hard. I’m depressed due to the death of my father, and I really like having a cookie and milk at lunch to cheer up. Also when I get really hungry in the afternoon, the only food around is a vending machine with M&Ms.

I worked out 3x this week on the elliptical and I am really tired. I didn’t sleep much last night because I was upset and angry about what happened to my dad, and I have been unproductive all day at work. I feel guilty because I am not being productive and I am not home with the baby either.

I don’t know how many days I can make it without sugar. I weighed myself this morning and I was a pound or two heavier than usual, and at my maximum non-pregnant weight ever. How am I going to do this?


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