How to Get Up after a Fall

This is not a philosophical post about how to get up when life kicks you, although that might be useful too. This is an actual post about how to help someone who has fallen.

I went to my parents house and spent about an hour yesterday trying to help my dad up off the floor, where he had fallen and was unable to get up because (I think) he was having back pain. I am looking for assistive devices that will help with this, because my back is tired and this has happened multiple times. I will post more as I find them, but in the meantime I found this video on techniques to get up:

I also found this device called the Camel Lift Emergency Chair; however it is very expensive (prices are in the thousands of dollars).

There is also a list here that lists a few devices.

It occurred to me that maybe a regular air mattress might work. I have one that is the size and height of a regular bed, with a powerful pump. If I put my dad on it and inflated the mattress, he might end up on top of the bed. I will try it on myself at some point and see whether it works and is safe.

[Update: Dad is on the floor again. I guess I will test the air mattress idea this afternoon.]

[Update: I cannot get my dad onto the air mattress. I will wait for my husband and then if we cannot lift him together we will call the fire department.]

[Update: My husband was able to lift him.]

I have ordered a device called a Hoyer lift for the next time this happens.

We were supposed to take dad to the GP today but after the last two days he is not able to go anywhere today.

I am tired and cried for two hours last night. When I woke up this morning I still felt exhausted and like I had run a marathon in my dreams. I hate mornings these days. I always wonder how my dad did in the night–whether he fell again, particularly–and what new indignities and challenges I am going to wake up to.


One thought on “How to Get Up after a Fall

  1. The Presents of Presence August 15, 2014 / 12:58 am

    You are dealing with so much that it makes me sad for you. I wish I could help. I’m sending you strength…and love to your parents and to you.

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