Up on the Roof

When it rains, it pours. Specifically, here in July, monsoon-style rain comes down every afternoon with a lot of dramatic flair (lightning, thunder, high winds). Normally this is not a big deal, unless you have a hole in your roof. Which I now do. Actually I have two holes and probably some craters too, and the reason that my roof resembles the lunar surface is that we have a raccoon in the attic. He made a hole, we had the first hole patched, so he came back and made a second next to it. Resourceful little fella.


At 1 a.m. or so, the second time I heard gnawing and clawing, I went outside and caught the raccoon in the act of punching the second hole. He looks like a skinny cat with a long raccoon tail. I think it’s a “he” because I haven’t heard babies running around up there and he isn’t in the attic every night. He looked at me, not quite sure what to make of me, and I shined a flashlight in his eyes. He scurried off…and returned every two hours for the rest of the night until I gave up. Between the raccoon and the baby I was exhausted, and I let him finish his hole-punching since there wasn’t much else I could do.

It seems the raccoon has visited everyone in the neighborhood and a lot of people have had significant water damage in their house since they didn’t catch the holes until it rained, a lot.

The roof guy is up on the roof now, putting on something called a drip edge. I hope it keeps the raccoon away.


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