Entering the Third Trimester

(Well, some web sites said I entered it last week.)

Here is this a comment thread on how to discourage strangers from touching your tummy!  I’m reading it and I don’t get it–I am in my third trimester and not a single stranger (or friend!) has tried to touch my tummy.   Even my husband doesn’t rub my tummy much.  I think I’m just not showing much.  Last week yet another person was surprised that I was pregnant.  There are a few people at work who talk about my pregnancy and ask me how I’m doing, but there are the other 80-90% who do not mention it at all.

On an unrelated note, I have a huge, HUGE bruise from when they tried to take blood for my glucose tolerance test.  My cardiovascular surgeon colleague walked in, looked at me, and said “boy, you had a bad phlebotomist!”

I walked into my other colleague’s (he’s a radiologist) office today and he said “would you like to sit down?”

“No thanks,” I said.  “Actually sitting hurts.  I read somewhere that your ligaments all loosen or something and then your joints get out of whack, but you’d know more than me.”

“Well they do, but that’s only when you’re almost done!”

“I am almost done!”

“Wait a sec, I thought you weren’t due till November?”

“OK I am defining ‘almost’ optimistically. 🙂  I’m in my third trimester though.”

Dude, way to burst my glass-half-full bubble. 🙂  But seriously, 2/3 done, 1/3 to go.


2 thoughts on “Entering the Third Trimester

  1. Mel August 29, 2013 / 12:22 am

    I’ve only had 3 people touch my belly in public/while out. One is a very sweet teacher of my daughter, and she goes to a private school so I don’t want to slap anyone there. The other was my BFF that lives out of state, so she’s excused, and the last was an old lady that I don’t even know at my daughter’s open house the other night. I think everyone else knows me well enough or I give off that “touch me and you die” vibe – and they refrain.

    I’ve contemplated what I would do if someone just reached out, and while I’d love to grab someone’s package (if it’s a man) or grope a woman’s boob to repay the violation of space, I’d probably just say something like “oh, she’s sleeping” and hold their hand for a second then remove it myself.

    • sunrainlilies August 30, 2013 / 1:01 pm

      Hee hee–yes, I’m sure the “touch me and you die” vibe is one solution. I wonder if I give that off.

      Miss Manners suggests rubbing the tummy-rubber back on the tummy. 🙂 I’d try that, but as you know, nobody has tried to touch mine yet. I went to this maternity ward tour at the hospital the other day and saw all these pregnant ladies with sweet round tummies, and I felt more…potato shaped! (Though it could be that the other women were all way more pregnant than me; when I went to sign up for the tour there was a surprise three month waiting list, so I’m guessing that other women tried signing up around their sixth month and by the time they actually got to go on it they were at 35+ weeks. I was just obsessive and signed up early.)

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