Searching for Strollers

When I was a baby I had a Graco stroller with Snoopy on it.  It was a little fabric chair with wheels.  I loved my stroller, sat in it, and happily chewed on the rubber handles.  At some point the stroller got a big tear in the fabric and I got too old to use it, so that was that.

Yesterday I went to look at carseats and strollers.  The simple old Snoopy strollers are no more, having evolved in the intervening three decades to “baby travel systems” that look like small spaceships.  The least expensive I saw were around $300.

Among the strollers available for test drives at the baby store was an “Origami” stroller for $850 that folded itself and had daytime running lights.  (Dude…for $849 it’d better build me a thousand paper cranes or something.)  Other strollers north of $1000 had food trays, etc.  I forgot to ask whether they came with cruise control and air conditioning.

I want the best for my baby–heck I just spent $32k on a Subaru Outback loaded with every safety feature available because I wanted to keep my kid safe–but I never felt that my simple Snoopy stroller was missing anything because it didn’t tell me the outside temperature, you know?

I really wonder who buys this stuff.


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