Indian baby names to avoid in the US

Some names that are really beautiful in Sanskrit just do not translate well into English.

For folks who have just immigrated, I thought it might be helpful to start a list.


  • Aaryan.  This sounds way too much like “Aryan” and makes people think of Hitler.
  • Harsh.  “Harsh” is an English word meaning “unpleasantly rough.”
  • Ashit.  As beautiful a name as this is in India, it contains an English curse word.
  • Poorn.  I don’t think this is a very common name, but I did meet someone with this name and felt bad for him.


  • Forum.  A beautiful name in Sanskrit meaning “scent”–but in Western countries, a forum is either a meeting or an Internet  board where people post lolcatz.
  • Panini.  An Italian sandwich.  Not vegetarian, either.
  • Palak.  Most Indian restaurants serve palak paneer, and in English the spellings of the two types of “palak” are the same.

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