Speed Bump

I finally found and used the “expectant mothers” parking spots today at work. There are two really sharp speed bumps before that garage entrance so for the baby it must feel like a Disney World ride or something.  Maybe Space Mountain, since with my sense of direction, finding the preggo parking required that I circle the parking garage about 28 times.

I don’t know how anyone verifies whether you are pregnant or not. Right now I just look fat, but I guess if our security folks have questions they can give me a sonogram. 😉

After years of driving around a teeny weeny sedan, I’ve felt really weird driving around in my new tank wagon. Then I realized that everyone else parked in the stork spots had even bigger cars than me.

PS–As a side note, when I Googled “expectant mother parking” almost all I found was on the Net was vitriol saying it wasn’t necessary.  And actually, it probably isn’t, but it’s nice.


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