It’s a girl

It She is presently in the breech position and measuring one week smaller than she should.

However, whatever other things they look for in the anatomy ultrasound seem to have checked out OK, and hopefully she will turn (there is still plenty of time for that).  Next appointment is in a month.

On some subconscious level, I think I had thought it was a baby boy for whatever reason.  I am feeling a little disoriented, and wondering where he went.

The ultrasound was not an enjoyable or joyful experience.  If anything it was creepy, lying there on my back in a super-uncomfortable position with my pants half-down, being told the baby was smaller than it should be and not moving, and then seeing this black and white blob and all the bones (rib cage, spine, etc.)

Probably it makes a lot of difference who the sonographer is, and I didn’t like this one much.  My OBGYN has an old low-end ultrasound machine, and couldn’t give us video of the scan.


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