Baby shower?

I’m a pretty laid-back dudette, so we didn’t have a housewarming, we skipped a Big Fat Indian Wedding because my mom got cancer, and honestly it’d be nice to celebrate something.  More so since the last few months have involved both me and my mom puking a lot and getting medical devices shoved into places where the sun don’t shine (unless you belong to a nudist colony).

So it might be fun to have some kind of celebration.

[Ooo…fishy just did a somersault.  Also, I noticed that my belly button is getting shallow.]

Anyway, like all good 2nd generation Indian-Americans, I get my information about traditional Indian ceremonies by Googling.  It seems that the Indian version of a baby shower is something called godh bharai, which means “dress up and eat lots of Indian food.”  (Just kidding.  It means something more like “filling the mom’s lap.”)  It is usually held at the end of the seventh month.

I dunno…it might be fun to do, if my mom is feeling up to it.

Speaking of mom she has chemo coming up on Monday.  I reminded her to start hydrating.  I thought it was only the day before but I read that it actually helps to hydrate the whole week before.  I found that out online, like I find out most things about both cancer and pregnancy.  I guess it’s hard to get much information in a rushed doctor visit.  I wonder what folks did before the Internet.


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