I think it’s a general lack of self-confidence that leads me to procrastinate sometimes, even on little things–like I don’t want to go to bed on time, because I feel like I ought to have done more that day.  So I do the logical thing and stay up surfing the Net instead. 🙂

My husband isn’t like that; he wants to do something, he does it.  I have a student right now and he isn’t like that either.  He’s gotten more done in a couple of weeks than I have in months.  I need to learn from these guys just to move forward without thinking.

I am becoming more aware of my tendency to procrastinate, so I had a productive day today.  I made palak paneer again via this recipe this time, and wrote some code.  (The recipe worked great; added some yogurt too.  Prep time was much more than 20 minutes though). Taking the laptop out of my bedroom really helped.  When it was there I used to just surf the Internet for hours sometimes, because it was more interesting than sleeping.  Or sometimes because I was looking for information on cancer.

My mom went grocery shopping today.  Last week her white blood cell count was borderline low.  I wish she would just stay home.

I am feeling weird burblings in my tummy.  I think it is the baby moving, but I’m not completely sure.

These posts need to be more focused.  I guess they reflect my state of mind:  I am pulled in so many different directions these days; mom, baby, new marriage, relatively new house, and job.   I’m exhausted, and it’s hard to focus.


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