The deer ate my lilies again…

…but this time they were about to dry up and fall off anyway, so it’s like “whatever.” 🙂

I am nineteen weeks and one day pregnant.  I am still not really showing, but that is because my shirts are loose.

My mom’s sixth chemo session went OK.  She is hoping to make it to my “20-week” ultrasound in two weeks, which will actually be 21 weeks because the sonographer was on vacation for July 4th.  Hopefully we will find out Baby Sunrainlilies’ gender.  Someone asked me if I have any intuition about it.  I don’t…absolutely none.  Most women I’ve talked to have said the same thing.

I watched a natural birth video online yesterday.  Boy was that a mistake… *shudder*  My husband has delivered a couple of babies though, and tells me the process is not usually quite as dramatic as it was for the woman in that video.  “Just get the epidural,” he said.

I miss going to the gym and eating sushi.


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