Mom has chemo again today

Mom has chemo again today.

Since I got pregnant, I go to work instead of going to chemo with her (my dad goes).  Now that I will need maternity leave, I am very low on leave.  My employer provides no paid maternity leave–typical in the US, but horrifies my friends in Europe and Canada.  I have not taken a vacation in five years of employment, except for the week I took when my mom was in the hospital.   I still have barely enough to cover.

I know it wouldn’t help if I were at chemo with her; it’s so crowded that there’s nowhere to sit anyway.

But it is very difficult for me to focus on work all day, when I know my mom is in the chemo chair.

Oof…I think the baby just gave me a heck of a kick.  Being karate-chopped from the inside isn’t helping my focus either. 🙂


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