Walking in Memphis

I love the melodies and the relaxed style of country music, and how it tells a story.

But I’m a first-generation Indian-American immigrant, and I often feel somewhat excluded by the Jesus/whisky/rural themes.

I’ve lived in the heart of rural America, by the way, in a place far enough out in the country that–like much of the country–the only ways in were by car and helicopter.  And the people who actually fit the demographic that you’d think country appealed to generally despised country.

Anyway, at one point in my life, someone introduced me to the song “Walking in Memphis,” by Marc Cohn.

And I liked it, particularly the spunk of the following lines:

“She said, ‘Tell me are you a Christian, child?’
and I said, ‘Ma’am, I am tonight!’”

Cohn said at some point that the song was about his own life experiences and his ambivalence toward religion.  I thought these lines summarized that subtly, and powerfully.


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