Doctor visit and all well

My last remaining lily bud bloomed, without getting eaten!   In the afternoon I saw two fawns sleeping under a tree next to it.  Now I know for sure who chomped my last lilies…I guess I don’t mind that much any more, since the fawns are so cute.




I also caught a Blue Jay sunning itself on my deck floor–just sitting there with its wings spread out.   I ran to get my camera since I’ve never seen a Jay so close before, also worrying that it might be injured and asking myself what I’d do if it were.  By the time I got my camera it was gone, so I guess it wasn’t injured at all.

Today my husband and I went to the doctor for another regular prenatal checkup.  Between my pregnancy and mom’s cancer I feel like we all live at the doctor these days.  I had a blood test for what’s called the Quad Screen (Down’s syndrome, Trisomy 18, neural tube defects).  I really hope it comes back okay.  People say pregnancy is a joyful time, but all these screening test are positively nerve-racking.

My mom has Chemo session #6 on Monday.  Today in preparation for being out of commission for a while, she went to get her car serviced and took my dad for a haircut.  I just hate going through this.

One of my supervisors at work hinted that I haven’t been working hard enough this year.  It’s true.  My mom got cancer, and I got married, (which involved a civil wedding, planning travel for a traditional wedding, canceling those plans after my mom’s cancer diagnosis, and rescheduling a much smaller wedding).   I bought a house, moved, and finally got pregnant.  And I work full time.  I am surprised I’m still functioning.    But I guess the nature of a job is that you are just your bottom line.  You don’t have value as a human being–at least, that’s how I feel some days.  Nobody cares too much what is going on in your life.

I hope life settles down soon, and that it settles somewhere good.


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